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Group Coaching
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The Best Mom Ever Coaching Group 

The BEST MOM EVER coaching group will help you develop essential skills you can use to improve communication, handle conflict with confidence, and maintain a strong connection with your kids. In this group, you will:

  • Develop a customized toolkit for staying calm

  • Learn the secrets to open communication

  • Become skilled at preventing meltdowns

  • Increase cooperation

  • Learn the 3 steps to peaceful problem solving

  • Find win-win solutions, and

  • Stop feeling angry, frustrated, and disconnected from your child

Start building a happier, more peaceful home today!

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The Calm and Confident Club for Parents

Parent Without Power Struggles and Enjoy Your Family


Are you struggling to get on the same page?

Do you wish you had a framework to follow?

Would you like to have a common language to address the parenting challenges you face?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Calm and Confident Club for Parents is for you!

Unlike other programs, we combine training with coaching and support, and the impact is life-changing! This group is exclusively for couples seeking to improve their ability to work as a team, improve their parenting skills, grow in their ability to stay calm, and ultimately reduce the stress in their home.

Discover new ways to address old problems and meet other parent couples who understand your journey.

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5 Ways to Build a Stronger Connection!

Download our free guide and learn 5 Ways to Build a Strong Connection with Your Child

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