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Coco Stanback

I am a speaker, parent educator, bilingual ADHD Coach, and the founder of Heart 4 Kids Coaching.


Most importantly, I am a mother to sons with ADHD and therefore passionate about making the road a little easier for other parents and kids with ADHD. 

I am a certified ADHD Coach, a Certified CPS Provider, and a Professional member of CHADD. My unique approach helps families reduce conflict, increase cooperation and connection, and find success while living with ADHD.

For more information, call Coco Stanback at 714-253-7568

or send me an email


Vicky Bergem

As a graduate of Attention Deficit Disorder Coach Academy (ADDCA) I am excited to partner with Coco at Heart 4 Kids Coaching.
With over 30 years of experience working with parents and kids, I have made it my mission to provide quality life coaching, to enable any client to discover their strengths, overcome their challenges and thrive.
I am passionate about helping individuals untangle their ADHD so that they can discover their gifts and live calm and confident lives.

For more information, call Vicky Bergem at 858-472-1759

or send me an email

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